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About us

Danfast is a member of the long-established (1891) Danby Group of Companies whose Head Office is based in Hull, East Yorkshire.

In the 1960s and ‘70s the Company, then called Humber Stores Contractors (HSC), serviced the local fishing industry with a vast array of products, replenishing trawlers with all kinds of provisions. 

During the ‘70s and ‘80s HSC was a main distributor for GKN Fastenings and, as such, was a large stockist for all kinds of fastenings, which were supplied in bulk throughout the Yorkshire area into many different industry sectors, including the caravan, furniture, building and general industries.  The caravan industry became prevalent in the Hull area due to its proximity to the docks where huge quantities of timber and plywood were landed from which caravans were, in those days, built.

In 1982 Humber Stores Contractors was bought by the Linfast Holdings Group based in Cheltenham.  The name of HSC was subsequently changed to Linfast Humber Stores Ltd. and strategic marketing brought about a further name change to Linfast Industrial & Leisure Ltd.

In November 1989 a local independent company, B. Danby & Co. Ltd., acquired the complete shareholding from Linfast and the company was renamed Danfast Industrial & Leisure Ltd.  Soon afterwards the Industrial & Leisure part of the name was dropped and we now operate as Danfast Ltd.  Throughout these changes of ownership and name, the company has remained steadfast in its support of the caravan and associated industries.

Over the past 15 years or so, Danfast has developed its business to become a key product supplier to the Portable and Modular Buildings Sector, whilst also increasing coverage within the Leisure Sector generally, to include caravan manufacturers - both holiday homes and tourers - motorhomes, holiday park homes, lodges and marine.  We cover a diverse range of products, including plumbing, heating, electrical and general consumables.

We have established a strong supply chain enabling us to support our customer base, which covers the UK and Ireland, with a diverse range of quality products supplied at competitive levels.

Danfast has, since 2002, had ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Quality Management Systems.  This ensures we have procedures in place which result in our providing our customers with a consistently high quality service.  We are also committed to understanding our customers’ needs and to achieving continual improvement in the service that we provide.


Danfast Limited is registered in England and Wales : Company No. 1764887 (VAT Reg: GB 551 613364)

Our aim is to be your No 1 choice of supplier.